Tuesday 21 May 2013

'I'm out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?' - Banksy

This weekend I was faced with a dilemma: to stay up and over-indulge in wine and food on Friday night or, get up early and do the 5km Parkrun on Saturday morning. My decision: both. 
"Madness!" I hear you cry. Yes. 

Never the less, Friday night began for Mum, The Gentle Giant and I with tapas and mojitos in Norwich's Revolucion De Cuba; a busy bar housing a charismatic South American band and a party vibe. I can highly recommend the raspberry mojito. Followed by a visit to a couple of our regular drop-ins, The Tap House and The Rumsey Wells, before heading home for a night cap and promptly falling asleep in front of 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'. A documentary that is well worth a watch if you haven't seen it already (and perhaps prior to the consumption of quite so much booze). It follows street artist Mister Brainwash, a man like no other, as he journeys into the mysterious circles responsible for this ever growing craft and describes the formation of his relationship with the infamous Banksy.

The alarm went off at an ungodly hour the next morning. Groaning incessantly, mum and I dragged ourselves from our beds and stumbled onto a bus to Eaton Park where we joined many of Norwich's finest in the Parkrun. Run entirely by volunteers, this fantastic event is held every Saturday morning and is completely free of charge.

You can walk, jog, stagger or run the track with much encouragement from the volunteers to keep you going and your time is recorded for you. Attending this event were people of all shapes, ages and sizes which was really positive. There were people on their own who whizzed  around the course in "sub 20 minutes", others pushing buggies and then some, like mum, who powered around the course twice, then got lost. (Sorry mum). So it really is something most people could try; if we can do it, you definitely can! 

I did not achieve anywhere close to "sub 20", however I felt that being up, dressed and in the park by 9am was an achievement in itself. 

Parkrun is cropping up all over the place, I was told there is even one in Australia! To see if there is one near you have a look at www.parkrun.org.uk
I am not a runner but I had the best time, just remember to register online before you go. 

Feeling hungry and as though we had earned it we picked up The Gentle Giant and went for lunch at Jamie's. The rest of the weekend was filled with a trip to cinema city; the best cinema in the world, trolling the junk shops on Magdelan Street for furniture...

... Enjoying one of mum's family famous roast dinners...

... Re-watching 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' (successfully) and a visit to The Book Hive.

The Book Hive is an independent, topsy turvy shop home to many, many wonderful stories. Clambering through its three floors, crammed full with books of every kind, any book worm will feel their fingers just itching with excitement at the thought of all these pages waiting to be thumbed. 

It was in here that mum found my new favourite book: 'This Is Not My Hat', written and illustrated by Jon Klassen.
I found it to be such a refreshing children's story, much of it told through its images. Simple yet compelling with bold lines and deep colours.

There are no heroes, no damsels in need of rescuing, no shiny, glossy pages, no nauseating 'cheese'. Just a firm and clear message: stealing is bad and will get you nowhere - oh and arrogant little fish will get their comeuppance.

It is an entertaining book written for youngsters but lacking the tedium often endured by adults when repeatedly retelling their little one's latest favourite. If this book becomes the new obsession and is expectantly produced by sticky little fingers for the 7th time in a day I would be confident in predicting it would be nothing less than a pleasure for the chosen parent. Even if you do not know any small children I urge you to read it!

Apologies for another knitting light entry. I can assure you the hand towel is growing nicely and I am looking forward to giving my crochet hook an outing for the boarder. 

And in white sofa news: the bolognese stain has now been joined by an entire glassful of red wine. (Not my doing this time). We may have to get out the bleach.