Saturday 11 May 2013

Hooked (ha.ha.)

To complete my Dishcloth I needed to crochet a boarder around the edge. So I first needed to learn to crochet using the Single Crochet stitch.

I decided to do this yesterday evening after a one or two too many white wine spritzas which perhaps wasn't my brightest idea yet as I had never picked up a crochet hook before. However I am pleased to inform you that it went surprisingly well! There is room for vast improvement under no uncertain terms but I am well and truly 'hooked' to this fine craft. See the finished product in the photos below.

I think they are far too nice to scrub the dishes with so following Aunty A's suggestion I have decided they are in actual fact flannels - far more worthy of face scrubbing! I am very excited that in learning this new skill the pattern database available to me has grown considerably, I would urge anyone who hasn't already to arm themselves with a crochet hook asap!