Monday 3 February 2014

Weekend in Wells

Sorry I have been quiet the past week, I was feeling a little under the weather.

But back to it now and I wanted to tell you about my weekend away in Wells Next to the Sea with my Dad, his partner C and the Gentle Giant, not the weekend just gone, the one before.

If you are planning on a weekend away in England then I would highly recommend it. It has everything you need for a classic British get away. Great pubs, traditional village shops and one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. We are very fortunate to live just a couple of hour's drive away.

Dad, C and The Gentle Giant at the Docks in Wells

We stayed in the Bowling Green pub which two double rooms in an annex out the back and is a lovely, warm, traditional pub with great food and two (!) open fires. Perfect in the winter.

Me, Dad and C - Sheringham Park

We had a very busy day on the Saturday; up early for breakfast (fruit and cereal for me but the fry up is gooood) then off to Sheringham park for a good old yomp.

The Gentle Giant and myself -Sheringham Park

We then walked through the park to Sheringham town. Had a little look around their quaint station and stopped in the yarn shop (obviously) where C purchased some fantastically colourful fat quarters to play with on her new sewing machine. I'll be honest, the jealousy is killing me.

From Sheringham, we walked along the coastal cliff top for a little while, with spectacular views even when the clouds began rolling in, then cut back in and walked back to the park.

Where we were spied by a very suspicious looking character.

Things then turned a little dramatic. Back in the park, Dad took us up a hill then lots of steps to a Gazebo.
At the top of which I burst into tears. I am mortified. I hate cry-ers but clinging on at the top of this flimsy structure, swaying in the wind, my fear of heights took a hold of me. Ok, so maybe it wasn't flimsy and maybe it wasn't swaying in the wind but give me a break!

At this point the men in my life really did me proud. Gentle Giant stared at me in shock and Dad took a photo of me. Brilliant. Thankfully, C was there and she took me back down to safety. Men!!

100% recycled wool - £13
During the drive home we hit an impressive lightning storm and I was very glad of the purchase I had made in the National Trust shop.

Yes I do realise I am supposed to be knitting a throw for the futon but it is a slow process and you can never have too many throws!

We arrived back to base to find the pub in darkness. So while we waited for the power to come back on we sat down and played word games (to Dad's dismay) by candle light. I was a little disappointed when the lights filled the room!

Sunday was a bit of a wash out. I caved in and had a fry up. Delicious. Then we walked down to the beach. A lovely walk on a nice day. Not so good in torrential rain and unforgiving winds. To say we were soaked is an understatement.

We did go in a shop called The People Tree where I picked up this Indonesian clay cooking pot for £5 though so it was definitely worth it!

RRP -£20. This one is chipped so I got a bargain!