Thursday 24 October 2013

The finish line

I am on a finishing streak which makes a nice change. I was sick on Tuesday so was unable to go to work for 48 hours. I felt much better yesterday and did attempt to go in but was sent home when I was half way there.

I went home and finished off an order for a toy cat. I used duplicate stitch for the eyes as it is going to a new born and I felt the combination of buttons and my sewing skills would never end well. It was my first attempt at duplicate stitch and I'm quite pleased with the results (All Hail YouTube).

Last week I also purchased another ball of Hayfield's baby chunky in beige so I could continue with the baby blanket. I am now working on the boarder.

I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to get it finished though as I'm going to Scaresville tonight (don't ask!), its The Gentle Giant's birthday party tomorrow night, we are off on a road trip with some friends to Frome in Dorset on Saturday for an engagement party driving via Devizers, Warminster and Bath and then, on Sunday, I am being dropped in Reading, travelling to Kings Cross, meeting Mum and jumping on a train to Edinburgh. 

We will spend a night in the city, then on Monday, take a train and a coach and arrive in Ullapool where we will spend the week of half term in hiding. 

We are going to learn to play cribbage, eat lots of crumbly oat cakes, go for walks along the sea front, over indulge wherever possible and I will, of course, take lots and lots of knitting. I cannot wait.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Autumnal bus knitting

A chill in the air has brought out my fingerless gloves. What would we public transport knitters do without them?! Not a hand made set I must admit. These were a highly appreciated gift from Aunty A a couple of Christmases ago. 

I have made only one attempt at knitting gloves/ mittens. A Christmas present for Cousin B a few years ago; my first attempt at Faire Isle and first (and only) project on DPNs. My preference being magic loop where possible. Here's how they turned out. 

Cousin B says they make her hands sweat but often wears them when I'm around all the same, bless her cotton socks. 

Monday 14 October 2013

Murky Monday's bus knitting

The top deck of the bus is pretty busy this morning on this dull day. Have they spotted the knitter in the corner I wonder?

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Wednesday's bus knitting

Having run out of beige yarn on my last stripe (GAAaaaahhh!!!!) I have had to put down the baby blanket until I can get to my LYS (local yarn shop) tomorrow. 

This has left me with no choice but to pick up the jumper I began working on at the beginning of the summer. Thinking, again, about designing my own garments and making something for myself has left me with a new desire, a desire I never expected to over come me. 

I want, no I need, to knit a pair of dungarees. Watch this space. 

Saturday 5 October 2013

A little social knitting escapade

I have had such a lovely morning with my Aunty. Aunty K took me to a knitting get together in a little church in Frating where many of Colchester's knitters and crocheters turned up with a huge variety of projects on their needles. And cake. 

One lady sat next to me who was crocheting poppies for World War One's 100th anniversary so quickly that piles of them were produced in an alarmingly short amount of time. While she was there the lady purchased yet another ball of red yarn to continue to support the cause she believes in. I am such a selfish knitter. 

Another lady was knitting a tunic by Kate Davies, who I have decided is my favourite designer. Every time I see any one of her patterns I am over come with a desperate need to find yarn and needles and cast on immediately. Unfortunately, as of yet I haven't managed to make any of her patterns as the budget won't allow it. I will work to rectify this. The tunic I saw today was Scatness Tunic - you can find it on Ravelry here:

It was so nice to catch up with Aunty K as I haven't managed to make the weekly knitting group for a while. We talked about podcasts and audio books and food and our personal caffeine preferences - Pepsi Max for me, Diet coke for her. We chatted about socks and yarn and food again. We expressed our excitement for next weekend's visit to Ally Pally. Then we decided that it was way passed lunch time and headed home. 

Left over spaghetti cheese is heating up in the oven and I will spend the rest of the afternoon knitting. The lads will come over later and we will watch the football and have a roast (chicken and The Gentle Giant is cooking). Lovely.

If you are a Colchester based crafter you can join the Colchester and Great Horksley knitting group every tuesday evening at 7:30pm in The Quality Hotel in Colchester or on monday mornings at 10am in the Great Horksley Village Hall. For more information join the Colchester and Great Horksley S&B group on Ravelry:

Windowsill Wildlife

Pepper Pot Watch: Day 158: Pepper number one in Pot number 5 is also changing colour. The excitement can barely be contained!

The difference a day makes. How much did you change in the last 24 hours? This little guy is a new pepper. You might even say he's turned over a new leaf... Oh dear, I'm going to go now. 

Friday 4 October 2013

Wildlife Windowsill Update

News just in on Pepper Pot Watch:
Pepper number one in Pot number two is changing colour! Residents there are said to be beside themselves with glee. Neighbouring Windowsill Owners (NWOs) are visibly envious.

Bus knitting!

Making good progress on the latest baby blanket. The morning is damp and the bus smells like a wet dog. I am listening to an old episode of Brenda Dayne's podcast (Cast On). 

Looking forward to Frateing this weekend  (not sure what this is but Aunty K is taking me so I can only assume it is fibre related) and Ally Pally next weekend (goes without saying!).