Saturday 5 October 2013

A little social knitting escapade

I have had such a lovely morning with my Aunty. Aunty K took me to a knitting get together in a little church in Frating where many of Colchester's knitters and crocheters turned up with a huge variety of projects on their needles. And cake. 

One lady sat next to me who was crocheting poppies for World War One's 100th anniversary so quickly that piles of them were produced in an alarmingly short amount of time. While she was there the lady purchased yet another ball of red yarn to continue to support the cause she believes in. I am such a selfish knitter. 

Another lady was knitting a tunic by Kate Davies, who I have decided is my favourite designer. Every time I see any one of her patterns I am over come with a desperate need to find yarn and needles and cast on immediately. Unfortunately, as of yet I haven't managed to make any of her patterns as the budget won't allow it. I will work to rectify this. The tunic I saw today was Scatness Tunic - you can find it on Ravelry here:

It was so nice to catch up with Aunty K as I haven't managed to make the weekly knitting group for a while. We talked about podcasts and audio books and food and our personal caffeine preferences - Pepsi Max for me, Diet coke for her. We chatted about socks and yarn and food again. We expressed our excitement for next weekend's visit to Ally Pally. Then we decided that it was way passed lunch time and headed home. 

Left over spaghetti cheese is heating up in the oven and I will spend the rest of the afternoon knitting. The lads will come over later and we will watch the football and have a roast (chicken and The Gentle Giant is cooking). Lovely.

If you are a Colchester based crafter you can join the Colchester and Great Horksley knitting group every tuesday evening at 7:30pm in The Quality Hotel in Colchester or on monday mornings at 10am in the Great Horksley Village Hall. For more information join the Colchester and Great Horksley S&B group on Ravelry: