Tuesday 14 May 2013

Let's Just Do It.

I met such an inspiring lady today who had so much get up and go bubbling from her it was infectious. 

Following my resolution to become as involved as possible in the local craft scene I visited a beautiful little shop which opened on Saturday on North Hill in Colchester called Pirates and Princesses. It is well worth a look if you haven't been in already; dangling from the old, exposed beams are exceptionally tasteful handmade gifts and home-wear, the white washed shelves are lined with trinkets, traditional toys and in those four walls you can find everything you could possibly wish for to make a birthday bash complete. 


Standing behind the counter was Liza Stoker, the brains and hands behind Robinsons Designables: http://www.designables.co.uk/ .

After a ten minute conversation with this lady I was absolutely brimming with ideas and confidence in stepping forward with my crafty plans.  Liza gave me some fantastic advice regarding taking on stalls and shelves in shops, fayres, markets and festivals, overcoming my objections of not having much in the way of stock by pointing out, with a wave of her hand, that less can be more; it's all in the quality. 

Where has my 'let's just do it' attitude been?! Well, wherever it's been hiding, I am pleased to announce that it is back.  So thank you Liza Stoker, you marvellous woman, watch this space!