Friday 10 January 2014

The Sifting Process

Following an evening with our neighbours across the hall B and P, an elderly couple with bucketfuls of energy and a heart-achingly nice flat, I have come down with a serious bout of home-envy. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the flat that Gentle Giant and I live in, we are so lucky to be here, it's what we put in it that I have the issue with. We both have so much stuff! And, all right I admit it, I am not the naturally tidy person I would have my friends believe I am. I do hope they aren't reading this!

I do however, work hard at making myself be tidy. You know what I mean, going back to the pile of books on the floor I have just stepped over, picking them up and spending the next 20 minutes scratching my head, trying to find somewhere to put them (preferably not another pile).

The Storage Beast (see my About page) is the bane of my life. We have a good amount of room for a 2 bed flat but there aren't any built in storage spaces and any storage solutions we do come up with are gorged on by The Storage Beast before we can say "oh look, there's some space". So we really struggle to fit everything in tidily. 

Particularly as our hobbies take up a lot of space, if a drawer, side or patch of carpet isn't swamped in Gentle Giant's many hundreds of wires for his gaming devices, it is taken up by tangles and tangles of yarn. Match made in heaven.

Some progress has been made however, I have buffeted The Storage Beast into a state of confusion this week as I have spent a LOT of time moving items from one room to another (this method has been coined The Sifting Process by Aunty R - the theory being that if you shuffle everything around enough, eventually all your things will fall through minuscule holes in the floor and disappear). It seems to be working, the lounge is looking much, much clearer despite the arrival of an Xbox One - Gentle Giant's latest toy and the spare bed has stayed clear for 5 whole days.

We have also made some storage and organisational purchases that have done themselves proud:

Week planner - £2.75 Wilkinson
 Hey Foxy File box - £2.50 Wilkinson

Magazine box - £2 Tesco (sale)
(Please excuse the red splatter on the wall - it is candle wax before you get any sinister misconceptions! Any ideas on getting it off??)                                          

Bathroom Chest of Drawers - £28 Tesco
I bought one for the main bathroom and one for the en suite - they have made such a difference. I didn't know men needed so many beauty products!

Next on the agenda: The Battle of The Cereal Boxes.

It looks so bloody messy! Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Really, though, I shouldn't complain, as we speak Gentle Giant is clearing out the drawers in the spare bedroom to create some more space (and it's all quiet on The Storage Beast front, quiet grunts and snores are wafting from the airing cupboard). You have to admire Gentle Giant's restraint considering the 2 day old Xbox one that is calling to him through the walls...


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