Sunday, 12 January 2014

On a roll!

All in all I've had a pretty good first week back at school.

We have made great progress around the flat with several storage solution purchases made yesterday (take that Storage Beast)...

2 x wicker baskets - Dunelm
Medium - £3.99 (sale)
Large - £5.99 (sale)
This is the smaller of the two which I am using as my "Current Projects Box" (These are the dungarees, in case you were wondering, not much progress has been made, I'm still in the planning process haha!)

Glass TV stand - £35 - The Range
A little bare at the moment but will soon be filled with Gentle Giant's consoles...

2 x leather storage trunks - £20 each - The Range (sale)
Full of jumpers and wool....

Gentle Giant has earned some brownie points fixing the coffee table...



And somehow I have managed to lose 7lbs in 5 days.

However, I am currently in the throes of The Battle of The Boardgames.
I am not winning. 

We love our boardgames but finding a place to put them is never easy. This is but a few of our collection.


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