Sunday 9 June 2013

Holiday knitting

 During the past week I have been enjoying half term which, for me, began with a long weekend in the majestic town of Cheltenham with mum and The Gentle Giant. The weather was very well behaved enamelling us to grace many a pub garden with our presence, you'll be pleased to hear.

Over this glorious weekend away we met up with a few friends, one of which had recently celebrated a birthday. Mum had planned to buy her a tea towel so I tentatively offered up the almost finished towel I had on the needles. This was finished up on the train to Cheltenham (after a slight tantrum when I realised I had forgotten how to crochet the boarder - all hail YouTube) and to my huge relief the friend receiving my handiwork was thrilled with her gift. 

Now half term turned out to be filled with birthdays; after our stay in Cheltenham I went on to visit the family in Weston-Super-Mare where Cousin P was soon to be reaching the terrible age of 14. To her credit she is handling the teenage angst impressively well.

Being a mere part timer I am unable to shower Cousin P in gifts as I would so very much like to however, as the old saying goes, I have a pair of knitting needles and I know how to use them. Unfortunately, I was not organised enough to have her present ready in time for her birthday and have only just finished it.

Cousin P if you are reading this before your package has arrived you are in BIG trouble.

Aunty K came across the pattern a couple of weeks ago whilst getting her daily Ravelry hit and I had been looking for an excuse to make it so this was perfect.

If you are taken with it as much as I was do give it a try, the pattern is free and it is a quick and satisfying project. I hope my bash at it goes down well with Cousin P and she doesn't mind that I refuse to accept that she is 14 and continue to send her cuddly toys!

Half term came to a close with another long weekend. I thought I was beyond the days of dancing round my room in my pjs in celebration of a non-pupil day, but no - apparently not! I spent the afternoon at Aunty K's learning to crochet which was really lovely, particularly as she rose at some ridiculous hour to make bread, salmon and asparagus and mushroom and pancetta quiches, marmalade and ginger biscuits and pear cake for lunch. What a treat!

Here is my (slightly wonky) first attempt at a granny square. 

The colourful doors of the land of crochet have opened and I can't wait to dive right in but for now it is back to cloths and towels. I must get these done and stop giving them away so I can get round to Tea and Sympathy!


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